let all that you do, be done in love.

Welcome + Hello! :) My name is Daveen Lindstedt. I am an Event Coordinator located in Vancouver, Washington. I started event coordinating roughly two years ago while planning my own wedding. I always told those closest to me, "I wish I could plan my wedding for the rest of my life!" Partnering with the Creekside Estate, a local and a family-owned wedding venue in Washougal, Washington, we decided to make my dream a reality. I fell in love with the passion behind weddings. I absolutely LOVE love and am inspired each day by my clients, my wonderful & super handsome husband, and the amazing vendors that I've had the privilege of working with. I am truly in love with the happiness that surrounds wedding. Not only happiness that out pours from the Bride & Groom, but the happiness that family brings to the table, as well.


Daveen Lindstedt
Owner/Event Coordinator

Photo by Natalie Kate Images